I work with a combination of stone, wood & metals to craft and sculpt my art pieces. My work is a reflection of life, nature and all living things that depict our surroundings, At the beginning of my sculpting trajectory, I mainly carved stone, but developed a desire to create larger pieces, which led to my experimenting with other materials such as wood and metals. Everything evolved from there. Sea creatures to different classes of birds, beehives, galactic space ships and the list is endless.

       My inspiration derives from anywhere and everything. It may be watching me from a nearby tree or lurking in the kitchen drawer. I take my ideas and inspiration, once thought, now a living piece that coexists and can be admired. I believe that whatever the mind conceives, it can manifest through our God-given abilities. My purpose & mission is to glorify God through the talent and resources that He provides by creating the best possible work that my imagination can conceive.

"Inspiration is all around us, and it's up to us to manifest what God has placed in our hearts."